Novel: “Nahi”. (2007)

Publisher: Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, 2007
Novel: “Nahi”. (2007)












This is a book about a girl named Nahi who was found by a homeless man by the sea and was taken to a village named “Gabrik”. The man leaves the girl with a lonely woman- Dadeh Bambasi-, but the people consider girls ominous. Dadeh accepts the girl quite willingly and names her Nahi. In the meanwhile, drought strikes the village, so as far as their tradition concerns, the residents decide to take the girl to the sea to fill a bowl with water. Dadeh Bambasi resists so the locals set her house on fire. Finally, the girl who is now a teenager goes to the sea with the patriarch’s grandson “Liva” to the village to the sea. She gives the bowl to Liva and returns to the sea.

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