Novel: “A deep diving”. (2009)

Publisher: Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, 2009
Novel: “A deep diving”. (2009)












This book is based on a fantasy surrounding a young boy named “Babilo” who has been living in an imaginary village, Kab Goob, located in the south east of Iran. One day, the boy along with his father sets off to learn oyster hunting. With his father help, and rudimentary and local equipment, he manages to dive to the seabed where all of a sudden he is faced with a giant white fish introducing himself as “Chizacoo”, the Prophet Solomon’s fish. The fish asks him to find and give him the Solomon’s ring, which has been thrown to the bottom of the sea by devil. The story continues with lots of adventures, strange incidents and vicissitudes. Finally, the boy wins the ring in confrontation with the devil, who appears in one of his friend’s body, and throws it to the fish with the innovative device he made by himself.


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