Novel: “The romance of Jonah in the fish’s belly”. (2010)

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Publisher: Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, 2010
Novel: “The romance of Jonah in the fish’s belly”. (2010)












The narrator is teenager named Sara who is a pianist and in her first formal audition tells a story of many years ago and the very first days of Iran and Iraq war. Through this, the audience is familiarized with the piano and its destiny, with the collective life of war immigrants, Jonah and his strange character and Sara’s hidden love to Jonah.This story forms in “Sonata” musical form in three movements. The first movement, which starts with Jonah’s death, is also the denouement.


Sonata: a form of western music.

Movement: A movement is a self-contained part of a musical composition or musical form.

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