Novel: “The dwarf emperor of Lilliput Dreamland”. (2016)

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Publisher: Ofoq, 2015
Novel: “The dwarf emperor of Lilliput Dreamland”. (2016)












The story seems to be narrated by a teenage girl called Ayda that is, in fact, a dream of a girl named Ava who fancies being Ayda. These two are actually at the same age and live in the same four-story apartment building. Ava ‘s mother is a servant  and with the arrival of summer is accompanied by her daughter at work. Ava is such a dreamer who is engaged in daydreaming and storytelling while cleaning the stairs. In her dream, Ayda finds a beautiful gift box in the elevator. As she tires finding the owner of the box, she managed to go to different floors and that is when we meet different characters. At the end, her dream bursts like a bubble and nothing is left but a beautiful gift box.

Reading a part of this story by Jamshid Khaninan

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