My Activities related to writing field

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My Activities related to writing field








My Activities Related to writing field:

  1. Sustainable presence in teenagers’ groups regarding the study and analysis of my books.attending the teenagers’ groups in the institute of intellectual development of children and young adults in cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Gorgan, Ahwaz, Abadan, Boushehr, Bandar-e- Abbas.
  2. (2016- 2018), Teaching narrating in small private groups.
  1. (2005- 2018), Attending national and international literary festivals, like Tehran University, Esfahan University and Academy of Persian language and literature.
  2. (2003- 2018), Executive director and the head of text review council at “Do Rood” publications.
  3. (2001- 2018), Teaching in different art and drama institutes regarding fiction and dramatic literature.
  4. (1993 – 2018), Being a member of jury in national children cinema and theatre festivals.
  5. (2015-2016), Teaching play writing in high council of Iranian affairs abroad in literature department.
  6. (2016), Being a member of Cinema Specialty Office.
  7. (2015), Teaching how to write dramatic literature in cultural-recreational organization of municipality in literature department (Ghalamestan).
  8.  (2007-2014), Being a member of the provincial baccalaureate council of the cultural, recreational organization of Esfahan municipality.
  9. (2007-2009), Being a member of specialized council in the House of playwrights.
  10.  (2001-2005), Teaching at Sureh University- Tehran and Esfahan branch.
  11.  (2000), Cooperating with Islamic Art and Culture Institute in drama and play field.
  12.  (1991), Working with disabled youth and the war veteran in theatre and play field.
  13.  (1988), Cooperating with Education ministry regarding educational affairs in teaching the teenagers about theatre and playwright.
  14.   (1987), A cooperation with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting regarding teaching theatre and play.
  15.  (1985), Cooperating with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting in writing a 13- episode puppet show for teenagers called “The idioms”.













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